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Earth Pride Moving Earth two Wheel Premium Piece

Earth Pride Moving Earth two Wheel Premium Piece

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Our satisfied customers rave about the quality of our watches, and you can check out their reviews on our website. For more details, you can also WhatsApp us at +91 9766013144 or +91 8080266866.

How Watch Look On Your Hand 

Welcome to EARTH PRIDE - your go-to destination for the most exquisite, unique, and limited-edition timepieces. As the official website for Earthpride watches, we offer only original luxury watches with a 2-year warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind with your purchase.


“ Redefine the Time”

✨Looking for a perfect timepiece? Look no further. EARTH PRIDE is a lifestyle brand that can bring unique and limited-edition time piece into the hands of people all over the world.


#ETA Master quality (Small size)


#Earth🌏to Moon 🌕


#34mm size

Material: Copper DLC Grade 5 Steel
Dimensions: 34.00mm x 34.00mm x 18.00mm
Sapphire Crystal: Yes
Bracelet/Strap: Metal

Description: All function working,Case diameter 34 mm,Thickness 18mm,sapphire glass,Swiss movement, classic metal bands in ,copper,Copper two tone, colour. Stainless steel Copper case with Stainless steel belt and high quality steel press lock🌏🌕

Our watches have Swiss movement and all functions working flawlessly, making them a reliable and practical accessory. The classic stainless steel bands come in full rose, two-tone, and other colors, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. The Stainless steel copper case with rose dials and high-quality steel press lock make our watches a true statement piece.

EARTH PRIDE watches come with an original box, making them perfect for gifting or storing safely. Choose EARTH PRIDE for the perfect combination of luxury, style, and practicality. With EARTH PRIDE, you can redefine time with the best timepieces in the market. #EARTH PRIDE #For Men #AAA Master Quality #ASTRONOMIA #Earth🌏to Moon🌕.



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